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Thanh Van snail pityed in front of the man donating the entire fortune of over 100 billion

Cập nhật: 29 thg 4, 2020 lúc tháng 4 28, 2020
Mr. Bui Cong Hiep is Director of Thien Than Children Protection Facility in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. He used to make the public very interested when donating more than 100 billion properties to make homes for orphans. His wife, Mrs. Hoang Lan, both have been married for more than 33 years and have two children, one boy and one girl, all grown up.

Thanh Van snail pityed in front of the man donating the entire fortune of over 100 billion - 1

Sharing in the Perfect Puzzle, Lan said that his journey to save unfortunate children began one day when Mr. Hiep brought a baby home without telling her in advance. At that time, although she loved her very much, she still firmly disagreed because she was afraid he would bring more children.

Thanh Van snail pityed in front of the man donating the entire fortune of over 100 billion - 2

But when she went home to take care of her mother, he continued to bring the 2nd baby home. Even though she was crying and prevented, he continued to bring home the third and fourth baby ... Gradually, she was more surprised when Mr. Hiep turned the house in District 9 that he promised to let the couple retire. into a loving home for orphans. “At first I was shocked. Our son did not say anything, but the daughter told me, "Dad has stopped loving us so he has brought so many babies." Hearing that, I feel very pleased, ”Lan said.
Since returning from the battlefield of the Southwest Border War, Mr. Hiep has always wanted to build a home for orphans. He wants to make up for the love and childbirth of grown-ups. Understanding that was his life's wish, Ms. Lan gradually supported and helped him. Just like that, the couple spent most of their time taking care of the less fortunate children. So much so that in nearly 8 years, Mr. Hiep did not go home to take a visit because there were too many jobs under the home for orphans.

Surprisingly, the distance from his home in Binh Thanh District to the home in District 9 is not far away, but even on Tet holidays he did not come back. Mr. Hiep said that even when he was passing by the house, he did not come in because he was afraid he would be attached to not wanting to go, so he decided to run to the shelter to take care of the children.

For Lan's part, she really wanted to blame him for this. But every day, she ran more than 20km to go down to his home, witnessed him at 3:00 in the morning, cook porridge for the children, feed the children, take the older ones to school, then continue to go to the market to cook lunch, After dinner ... seeing him caught up in the reel of such hard work made her unable to blame him.

“We don't even have time to talk together, let alone frustration or reproach. Every time I come down to the home, what I do, what he does, what he does. Even the time to eat together is not available. After eating, he put the babies to sleep and then slept as well, while I took care of cleaning, washing dishes, "Lan said.

Sharing more about Mr. Hiep's donation of more than VND 100 billion to the children, Lan revealed at first that she did not agree: “We raised the children as a problem, now giving me my assets It doesn't work because my husband and I still have two children. But then I thought, both my husband and I are old, and the children later grow up, succeed or fail, it is only the only home to return to ”. Thinking so, Mrs. Lan persuaded her two children to support Mr. Hiep's decision. I believe you will receive a part of the merit that you have given back later. Before the wishes of their parents, their two children not only supported but also helped them to take care of more than 100 children at the home of love.
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But what made her most sad is not that he donated a large family fortune to the children, but that he gradually forgot that beside him, he had a wife and two children. She said that if she didn't proactively call him, he would never call her for a week or a month. Whether she was angry or not, he did not know. When she was too helpless, she could only cry alone. She loved the children, but she also worried about his weaker health.

Behind the words of sharing, Mrs. Lan smiled deeply and Mr. Hiep kept wiping away his tears. He choked to share, seeing his wife running and running continuously every day like that made him very sorry. Sometimes he advised her to go down, but Lan insisted, he had no other way.

Uncontrollably touched, Hiep burst into tears, admitting whether this life or the next life he owed his wife a lot of things. He once promised her, when his children grow up, he would take her to visit K Battlefield again, where he fought more than 40 years ago. But year after year, he still cannot fulfill his promise to her.