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Spending 3 billion to transgender, Lam Khanh Chi continues to do something "shocking"?

Updated: 29 Apr, 2020 lúc April 28, 2020
In recent days, the online community has been constantly talking about the news that singer Lam Khanh Chi is about to perform a surgery to correct his voice. Many opposite opinions revolved around the status line of the singer when she suddenly opened up her intention to correct her voice after 8 years of transgender.

Lam Khanh Chi has been increasingly promoted to beauty after 8 years of transgender.

On his personal page, Lam Khanh Chi shares a series of new photos in the series of photos that have just been taken with the status line: "I want to change my voice, how do you feel?". Immediately, the status of the singer received a lot of attention from fans and the online community. Besides the comments that support her to improve herself, there are also many comments expressing anxiety that will affect her health because she has undergone many surgeries to transgender before, above all will affect inherent voice.

"I think your health is weak, and everyone likes to like your character with your current voice. Afraid you make a voice and people will get bored", "Your voice is very good." No need to fix it anymore. It's still important that you live with your life "," Support you. As long as you feel happy, just do it "," I think you should fix your voice accordingly. If you match your sister now, I think the voice correction will not affect the voice "... is the opinion from the online community.
Chi 3 tỷ để chuyển giới, Lâm Khánh Chi lại tiếp tục làm điều gây "sốc"? - 4
Lam Khanh Chi suddenly wants to have voice surgery after 8 years of transgender.

Contacting the voice "Sad melon", she said she had been worried about the voice changing surgery for many years but there were a lot of worries so it could not be done. Currently, although the intention of continuing to undergo a surgery to improve the voice has not been decided by the singer, both her husband and parents do not support for fear of affecting her health.

"I wanted to change my voice 5 years ago but I didn't dare to do it. I was scared of affecting my voice and my health. The voice surgery will have to go through 4 hours of coma, cost nearly 10,000 USD, but the most important thing is my voice and my health, so after the epidemic is over, I will go to Thailand to ask a doctor for advice. affect the voice I will do, "Lam Khanh Chi shared.

Lam Khanh Chi will go to Thailand to get a surgical consultant.

After many years of transgender and increasingly commented to have beautiful beauty, Lam Khanh Chi has many times been criticized by anti-fans and the male and other with gentle, feminine appearance. However, with her true voice and the voice that has made Lam Khanh Chi's trademark for the past 20 years, it is always something that makes her proud. The majority of the audience also loved Lam Khanh Chi's voice, so regardless of her gender, this was the thing that made the mother most puzzled before the surgery decision.

"When the surgery is finished, the voice will definitely change, if I do, I will have to go through 10 days without talking and strict requirements from the doctor. But what worries me the most is because many people explain my real voice because it's charming and impressive. Just being afraid of surgery, I won't be as graceful as now. "

Lam Khanh Chi is living a full life with her husband and son.

In 2012, Lam Khanh Chi once decided to go to the operating table, surgery to change from male to female. The singer said that the total cost to perform this process is about 20 thousand USD (nearly 500 million VND). In addition, Lam Khanh Chi also made a beauty "overhaul" to make the lines look more feminine for $ 100 thousand (over 2.3 billion).

Since the transsexual, Lam Khanh Chi has been very popular with the audience in support of both artistic and personal life. In particular, the marriage of her and her 8-year-old husband is also considered a meaningful image for the LGBT community. Lam Khanh Chi's life became more and more complete when she was a mother, deciding to ask the gestational surrogacy carrier to store transgender sperm and her sister's egg. Many times shared, the singer said that she was very happy with her current life when she has a perfect family and a flourishing career.