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Salaries of 22 billion but Lee Min Ho is still controversial

Cập nhật: 29 thg 4, 2020 lúc tháng 4 28, 2020
Lee Min Ho's male lead role in the TV series `` Undying King '' is becoming a controversial focus of netizens.
Cát-xê 22 tỷ nhưng Lee Min Ho vẫn gây tranh cãi kịch liệt - 2

Lee Min Ho's shaping the monarch is commented brightly, handsome but controversial about acting, dialogue

According to the reveal, the amount of money for an episode of Lee Min Ho falls to about 70 million won (approximately VND 1.4 billion). After 16 episodes of the immortal monarch, the actor will receive a compensation of about 22 billion.

However, compared to the expectation that was the most epic blockbuster of SBS Korean drama in 2020, the beginning of this drama was not very satisfactory. After episode 4 aired last Saturday night, the ratings of moviegoers (rating) have not reached double digits, falling behind the previous episodes. Korean netizens repeatedly expressed disappointment, worrying that this is the lowest-performing drama of writer Kim Eun Sook.

The two main actors have not created a trend on the online community yet

The reasons why the movie stumbled on the majority of Korean netizens, stemming from the content of the first 4 episodes, were thought to be confusing. The film revolves around the story of air travel between two parallel worlds. In it, His Majesty Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) is the one who searches for the answer to who saved him during the massacre of the past. From there, Lee Gon discovers that the modern world has female inspector Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun), like the card he picked up during his rescue.

The second cause was related to the imperial palace's royal palace appearing at the beginning of the film, which was thought to be a counterfeit image of Tōdai-ji temple in Japan. In addition, the emblem of the Korean Empire is thought to be inspired by the emblem of Japan. Although the film crew accepted the responsibility and edited it, the Korean audience was still not satisfied and asked to boycott the film.

The design of the royal palace in the movie (left) and the Tōdai-ji temple in Japan (right) have many similarities

Lee Min Ho's acting was poorly criticized, the dialogues of the two main characters were commented on in a cheesy, unattractive way. However, Lee Min Ho's charisma has not yet cooled down because this is the film that marks his comeback on the small screen after leaving the army. On the Korean online community, there are still good movie reviews due to the influence of this actor. The segment of actors fighting with the gangster to support the female inspector is loved by the audience, sharing on social networks.

Lee Min Ho was criticized for acting awkwardly, without any breakthrough

The audience hopes that in the following episodes, the new developments of the film will increase the breakthrough, especially in the scene of "the restaurant" Lee Min Ho who was pointed at gunpoint by the merchant.

Lee Min Ho's influence in the market outside of Korea is still very large. Typically, his salaries in the Chinese market also increased 7 times, equivalent to about 500 million won (nearly 10 billion dong) for one episode.

The two most recent movies Lee Min Ho participated in before joining the army, though criticized, still made money. Gangnam dust has a turnover of 20 million USD and Bounty Hunter reaches 31.1 million USD.