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Male stars lost 16 billion because of the disease, worked hard to make up for the loss

Cập nhật: 29 thg 4, 2020 lúc tháng 4 28, 2020
The outbreak of Covid-19 has severely affected businesses around the world. In just a few months, many companies and restaurants kept making announcements about closing, including many stores owned by celebrities, such as the chain of biscuit shops of Ta Dinh Phong, the boutiques. Truong Ba Chi's fashion dress ...

Sao nam thiệt hại 16 tỷ vì dịch bệnh, miệt mài đóng phim bù lỗ - 3

"Luong Son Ba" Ha Nhuan Dong must work hard to make up for business losses

Actor Ha Nhuan Dong has also contributed to the length of this list, when his spa announcement collapsed due to disease. "Thank you all for supporting me in the past 4 years," Ha Nhuan Dong said in her announcement on her Facebook page, and said the spa would officially stop working on June 25.

Ha Nhuan Dong started a spa business in eastern Taipei in November 2016. In addition to investing NT $ 20 million (nearly VND 16 billion) in this business, he is also the one who came up with the design concept for the spa. Before the outbreak of Covid-19, it was reported that his spa had an average monthly revenue of NT $ 800,000 (over VND 600 million).

The spa image was invested by Ha Nhuan Dong, but it had to be closed by itself because of business losses due to the effects of Covid-19 epidemic.

After Taiwan introduced stricter measures because of the disease, Ha Nhuan Dong's business is expected to experience a 50% decline in revenue. Moreover, it is technically impossible to carry out a safe distance according to the order of social spacing upon arrival at the spa. Business was also severely affected when Taiwan banned tourists from other countries, said Ha Nhuan Dong's wife, Peggy, who runs the spa, in an interview: "Many of our clients are business owners. "We are in the business of people from mainland China, Japan, Hong Kong and the United States. After the isolation order, foreign visitors could not enter, so our business situation has been seriously reduced."

Despite the gloomy business in this period, Ha Nhuan Dong still kept a positive and optimistic attitude. Currently, the actor is in the movie Who's by your side as a producer. And especially on 4/5, the movie Sword of the Kingdom with his participation will officially air in Vietnam, on HTV7 channel at 13h from Monday to Saturday every week.

Ha Nhuan Dong in the historical film "Sword of the Kingdom"

Sword of the Kingdom is a film adapted from the novel of the same name by the writer Innocent - one of the famous writers loved by many people. In addition to the famous cast, real power such as Ly Hien, Ly Nhat Dong, Ha Nhuan Dong, Luu Dich Quan, Dieu Dich ... the film also attracts attention and is guaranteed quality by the name of director Phung Tieu Cuong .

The film is set in the country of Dai Qin rejoicing after the resounding victories before Zhao, Wei, and Han. At that time, all agreed to the court, many people came to the city to claim to be the Qin people to enjoy the privilege. The more people come, the less fake. In order to receive the privilege of Qin Shi Huang, they must kill each other.