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Mai Phuong Thuy misses home and wants to read letters from her former lover

Updated: 29 Apr, 2020 lúc April 28, 2020
Recently, Miss Vietnam in 2006 - Mai Phuong Thuy has just shared her feelings in the chain of days at home in Saigon to avoid outbreaks. Mai Phuong Thuy's hometown is in Hanoi, where she has a beautiful mother and sister.
Mai Phương Thúy nhớ nhà, muốn về đọc thư của người yêu cũ - 3

Mai Phương Thúy misses home, wants to read letters from her former lover - 1
Mai Phuong Thuy revealed her homesickness through the odor-smelling state: “I miss my home but I can't go home. I also find myself in love with Hanoi and that small house too much.

I also want to meet the people who live there. I miss the small room (why is it that the 8 meter height likes it in a small space I can't explain !!!). There are lots of books I need to throw away.

The letter that my ex-boyfriend sent on ink is about to fade, I am afraid that one day it will fly away, the last proof of those years cannot be kept. Unable to make a thick face thanks to him copying, I had to paint myself over the lines he wrote. It's true that I find it too perverted, but I have no way.

Then there are friends, children (Ella), grandchildren (Tin, Bong, Nhua Nhe), children, noodle shops and vermicelli noodle shops. After all, I was born on a day in the middle of the bright summer (Saturday morning 6/8), so I consider myself a cool breeze to give life to endless hot days.

Mai Phuong Thuy misses home, wants to read letters from her ex-girlfriend - 2
This is not the first status Miss said to miss her family. Before that, she also shared some pictures and lamented remembering Hanoi food a lot.

Recently, she spends most of her time enjoying her own life, regularly posting pictures at home to avoid outbreaks. According to the beauty revealed in an interview, in Ho Chi Minh City alone, she owned a few apartments.

Mai Phuong Thuy misses home, wants to read letters from her ex-girlfriend - 3
Mai Phuong Thuy is very close to her younger sister Mai Ngoc Phuong. Two sisters have outstanding beauty, each one looks. Unlike her sister, the sister born in 1993 did not join the showbiz despite being extremely beautiful. Mai Ngoc Phuong chose to do business and live quietly in Hanoi.

Although she rarely appears with her older sister, Mai Ngoc Phuong is still loved by many, her personal page has nearly 30,000 followers. Many netizens regret because she did not go to showbiz, follow her path.

As for Mai Phuong Thuy, she is increasingly favored by the audience thanks to her beauty and beauty despite the time. Not only stopping in art activities, Miss Vietnam in 2006 also very cool hands in business, real estate and the latest investment in the project "Sisters and Sisters".