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Lan cave "Thanh Huong caused a stir among netizens because of the ad mixed ice cream

Cập nhật: 29 thg 4, 2020 lúc tháng 4 28, 2020
On a fanpage specializing in talk showbiz, netizens gossip about the actress Thanh Huong advertising "ice cream mix". Specifically, the actress often appears in livestreams on Facebook to advertise for a variety of cosmetics that are said to have no brand.
"Lan cave" Thanh Hương khiến dân mạng nổi sóng tranh cãi vì quảng cáo kem trộn - 2

It is known that, not only PR for one cosmetic, Thanh Huong often changes, now PR for this product, PR for other products. Livestream shows smooth, plump skin, Thanh Huong is not afraid to "test" the cream on the face to let people see it. However, many people find out that the actor's face put on make-up before using the product being advertised. This makes Thanh Huong a controversial name, causing the online community to go viral.

 Thanh Huong caused a lot of controversy among the netizens because of the ad mixed ice cream

Actress Thanh Huong was controversial because she advertised many types of ice cream with no brand and clear origin.

The artist accepted to accept advertising and PR for products is no longer a strange thing. However, because of the influence on the audience, fans, celebrities need to be responsible for the advertised products and need to be tested and experienced before being introduced. Therefore, the fact that Thanh Huong advertised at many different cosmetic brands at the same time made many people suspicious.

"Before I liked it, acting and acting were very personal. But surfing Facebook and I see ads for ice cream and ice cream, full of ice cream mixes, and less like", "Making money that regardless of this type is harmful to people. "," You know how to earn more income but advertise with your "mind", have experience and use, not advertise to a few dozen of these "," I do a good movie but do advertise a few this cream makes the image "... Series of dissatisfied comments of netizens about Thanh Huong advertising many types of cosmetics at the same time.

Thanh Huong was also not the first case to be criticized for advertising ice cream mix. Previously, Miss Ky Duyen, Pham Huong, Huyen My, Duc Phuc ... also caused a lot of controversy because PR for brands of non-clear origin.

 Thanh Huong caused a stir among netizens because of a mixed ice cream ad - 2

Thanh Huong is said to lose her image if she continues to advertise non-branded cosmetics.

Thanh Huong used to make a good impression on the audience through the film "The judge" by the sharp, stubborn but extremely cute way. In particular, through the role of Lan cave in the movie Quynh Doll, the actress was once again beloved, becoming a sought-after name. Along with My wolf, Quynh doll, Lan cave is the name most mentioned after the success of the movie.