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Having been slapped and acting overly, Bao Thanh calmly replied: "Invite mothers to see the original before judging

Updated: 29 Apr, 2020 lúc April 28, 2020
Bao Thanh is the name that got noticed after the success of the movie "Go home". In addition to being always interested in the art projects, the daily life and the perfect marriage of her "jinx" also made many people swear. Recently, the actress also made friends and fans more excited when launching the muddy, humorous recording clip between her and her husband. However, Bao Thanh details slapped her husband to surprise the fans.
Bị mang tiếng tát chồng bôm bốp và diễn lố, Bảo Thanh bình tĩnh đáp trả: Mời các mẹ xem bản gốc trước khi phán - Ảnh 5.

Cruel, beaten seems so real "," God, so he really hit him home, poor really that "," Bao Thanh angry, I criticized, slapped her husband even if only acting Many people said that they did not like Bao Thanh. Please be gentle Thanh, "netizen left a series of abrupt comments. Immediately, she had to correct the sound effects to make the clip look real, but I did not slap her husband completely.

In addition, the actress also frankly shared her opinion when criticizing: "I agree that I am an artist with a lot of love. But they love me because I am myself, not bracing myself. trying to dress up, be pretentious, be luxurious, I and my family are very simple, comfortable in both life and work.A few seconds of relaxation, playful stress relieves it does not speak about human nature And who are the long-time audiences who know who I am, I think there is no need to try to brace yourself, to make the color appear rigid. "