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Wise women never say this to their husbands!

Cập nhật: 18 thg 8, 2019 lúc tháng 8 18, 2019

Wise women always know how to keep family happiness from words.

Wise women never say this to their husbands!  - first
Mother (brother) is very uncomfortable
Even if he is angry with his mother, don't be foolish to say this. Let him be told his thoughts and you just sit and listen, but don't express your opinions. Men all respect and love mom, so if you know you don't like her, he may think differently about you.
"You're like my father!"
Obviously we love our parents, but not many people like being compared to their parents, especially when it is not a compliment. Marriage and family issues expert Carin Goldstein thinks that starting a conversation with this phrase can make your husband think you are offending him. According to experts, you can use other expressions if you really want him to listen to you. The important thing is to be frank about what you want, not blame.
"Why can't you be like my husband / friend ...?"
Comparing her husband with her husband, her sister's husband was a bad act. Do you remember, when you married your husband because you love him, not another man. So why do you go on arresting your husband to be like another person? This statement may make your husband want to end this marriage right away so you can find another man who suits you better.
Your husband may not put clothes in the washing machine the way you used to, it is clear that he wants to help you, but it causes discomfort to both parties. By saying so, you have completely denied his help, and it is clear that your husband will understand that doing nothing will not please you. So let your husband help you in his way.
"Your bedside skill is too bad"
Sex is one of the things men especially value. For them, the bed skill not only showed the strength but also the character, the face of a man.
Therefore, the wife should never foolishly criticize his "love" skill bluntly. The "loser" mentality will weigh on him and seriously affect the future of your life and family life.