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Suffering suicide when discovering her husband's affair with her ex

Updated: 18 Aug, 2019 lúc August 18, 2019

After 17 years of marriage, my husband and wife's sex still happens regularly and well. But early last year, everything suddenly changed.

Suffering suicide when finding an adulterous husband with his ex - 1
My husband has an affair. After finding his love letter with another woman, I decided to break up.
I had a wonderful marriage. We laughed together every day and had two lovely cute children. My husband shared housework, cared for my children and loved my afternoon.
After 17 years of marriage, my husband and wife's sex still happens regularly and well. But early last year, everything suddenly changed.
My previously thoughtful husband started working more and when he got home, he became emotionally distant and spent more time texting.
I suspect my husband is adulterous and constantly confronts and quarrels with him but he always denies.
Then I found the love letter sent by my husband to one of his former lovers. Finally my husband confessed that he had an affair with this woman for 6 months. My husband told me that he loved her, he was married but now divorced. My husband told me he wanted to be with her as soon as she left her husband.
My husband also suggested to me to maintain a spousal relationship until he arranged for his family and children to settle down. He wanted to keep the affair secret and try to convince me that this would be better for the kids. But I disagree with my husband's proposal. I asked my husband to leave the house and my husband accepted it.
Three months later I lived in pain. I can hardly eat or sleep. I have a crisis, a mental collapse because of my husband's infidelity. The betrayed pain always haunts me, it makes me seem no longer aware of everything I do in the present.
One night, I suddenly had a thought of suicide. But eventually I didn't do it. I went to the psychologist and realized that the first thing I needed to do was take care of myself.
I took antidepressants during the day to cope with the raging sadness and sleeping pills at night to get a much needed sleep. I started jogging and meditating, writing daily journals and seeking professional advice from experts for myself and my children.
Because I was so preoccupied with the emotional pain after the marriage break, I decided to take a month's leave. After a month of leave, I returned to work but only worked part-time.
During that time, I was always with my children at the psychological treatment center. Having to take care of the children helped me through that crisis. In the psychological center, talking to women with other circumstances made me feel less lonely.
Nearly a year later, the pain was betrayed by her husband. I have regained positive energy thanks to the practice of loving myself.
I realize that women we have a very common disadvantage of not knowing how to love ourselves. We often live for others so when they change, we often fall into despair and experience shocks that lead to mental crisis.
So the first and most important thing for us women is to know how to love ourselves, throughout our lives. Never forget that.