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Girlfriend sent sexy pictures, the boy said a very shocking sentence that made her break up

Cập nhật: 18 thg 8, 2019 lúc tháng 8 18, 2019

Taking sexy photos to her boyfriend in the hope that he enjoyed it, the unexpected girl received this reaction.

Girlfriend sent sexy pictures, the boy said a shocking sentence that made her break up - 1
Recently, a Chinese girl's share on the forum confided to young people attracted special attention. The girl said that her boyfriend not only did not know how to cherish his girlfriend but also had unreasonable demands that made her feel insulted and wanted to break up. 
One day, wanting to flirt with her boyfriend, the girl took a pretty sexy picture and sent it to him in the hope that he would enjoy it. Unexpectedly, the next day, she received a transfer of 8,000 yuan (about 30 million VND) from her boyfriend. 
Unable to understand the intentions of her boyfriend, the girl decided to ask clearly. And the answer received surprised her: "This is money for breast augmentation, not a farewell fee." 
Although very angry, the girl patiently asked why her boyfriend transferred her breast augmentation. He answered, after watching the sexy photo of his girlfriend, he dreamed that when he touched her again, he thought men. Thinking for a while, he decided to transfer money to his girlfriend to breast lift.
Getting the answer of her boyfriend, the girl gets even more angry. Knowing that her boyfriend deliberately criticized her "slack", the girl received the money and said goodbye. 
The girl took a screenshot of the conversation of the two and shared it on the forum with the saying: "My boyfriend hated me because I was at the airport. A dream made me break up." 
The sorrow of the young girl attracted a lot of public attention. Many people stand up for the girl, claiming that she deserves a better man.
"Breaking up decisively, an accurate decision", "If there are such a pervert, if you want to break up, say it, and criticize people for small breasts, 8000 yuan for not enough breast augmentation, this guy deserves single life "...  netizens comment.