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Being married for two years and not pregnant, I was dumbfounded to discover unexpected reasons

Cập nhật: 18 thg 8, 2019 lúc tháng 8 18, 2019

I did not expect, my life was so bad that when I was rich, I was happy but I was having problems with my children.

Having been married for two years without being pregnant, I was dumbfounded to find the unexpected cause - 1
The grandparents had only two sons, the brother-in-law married for ten years and had three daughters. My husband went to study abroad and prepared to take over the family's company. Because my children are so small, my parents-in-law's wish is to live together with my children and grandchildren.
Therefore, grandparents built a large villa for the whole family to live in. Ever since I became a bride, my mother-in-law told me about this and wished my wife and I would agree to live together.
In fact, I still want to be able to live separately but my husband says that if I don't feel like it at the same time, it is still not too late to ask, if I insist on staying alone, it will make my parents and my parents sad. I feel that it is reasonable to agree.
My husband's home life was comfortable with me. The house has a maid, his sister-in-law at home does not go to work so she always manages the house.
Every month, we do not have to contribute anything because our parents in law cover the entire cost of living. Every day, the whole family only met each other at the meal and the rest of the house had its own space so there was no common scene.
I went home from work, cleaned up my own room, sometimes I would wash dishes but hardly had to do housework. On weekends, parents and children led each other shopping, drinking coffee and chatting very happily.
The sister-in-law is an open-minded, good-looking woman who often tells me a lot of things. When there was a death anniversary in the house, she alone worried. She said:  "I know my job, I have to go to work, let me take care of myself."
My mother-in-law was very fond of my sister-in-law but never showed any favoritism, buying her a dress that also gave me a bag. However, my biggest problem is getting married for a long time without using any contraception and I still don't have children.
Her parents are quite impatient and look forward to having a grandson to follow up. Because the sister-in-law after giving birth to the third child had to remove the uterus due to the hemorrhage at birth. All hope grandparents poured all into my husband and wife but still no good news.
Sister-in-law is very enthusiastic in taking care of me to accelerate conception. Every day, I went home from work, my sister-in-law was forced to make juice for me to drink, even if I forgot every day, she took it to the room.
If there is no juice, she stewed nutritious food and forced me to eat it to lavish it. We visited many places and the results of the couple were normal, no problem at all. Everyone encourages my wife and I to keep the spirit of comfort and will quickly have children but I still can't help worrying.
Recently, a friend of mine studied medicine in order to study abroad. When she knew about me, she promised to help find the cause. Unlike previous exams in hospitals and clinics, she suggested that I do more endocrine tests to see if there were any problems.
My friend wondered why I did not take any contraceptive methods but had hormonal changes due to birth control pills. She said, I have to take medicine for a long time to get such results.
I thought my friend was mistaken, I wasn't crazy to take birth control pills when I was really looking forward to having children. My friend just hypothesized, I need to review the food and drink I use every day.
At first, I still couldn't think of it, normally I ate with my husband's family, only drinking more juice and nutritious food in the evening prepared by my sister-in-law. Her friend said, if in doubt, I bring these things for her to help check.
Therefore, that day, I went home from work but did not visit the kitchen to drink water as always. After a while, my sister-in-law took a cup of apple juice to my room. I poured that glass of juice into a separate bottle and brought it to the doctor's friend.
The test results were unexpected, my friend said, in that glass of juice with ingredients of birth control pills. I was dumbfounded by the news because when I brought my glass of water, I still thought my sister-in-law didn't do it.
So, ever, my sister-in-law still silently offered me daily birth control pills that way. The reason why I couldn't get pregnant for two years comes from here.
Perhaps, my wife is afraid that I will have a son that will affect her position and her daughters in the family, so she does so. I'm thinking about whether to tell my husband about what happened. Because I did not catch her hand in the water, it was only a guess and my husband was very fond of his sister-in-law, if I believed my words.
My friend advised me to move out of my own house to avoid touching my sister-in-law, actively using egg cultivation methods and taking supportive medicine will quickly become pregnant because both of us have no problems. I think it's good to be quiet, but I am busy and chattering and feeling like family. As a woman, I understand my sister-in-law also has her own suffering ...
Can anyone give me advice?