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A good husband is not at a high level but in simple things that are unexpected

Updated: 18 Aug, 2019 lúc August 18, 2019

Men always think that a good husband is a strong economic pillar, and has a career. But when married women, the standard of good husband with them is countless small, simple things that any husband can do.

A good husband is not at a high level but in simple things that are unexpected - 1
True love
The first thing a woman wants in her husband is that his feelings for her are true, unique. This is reflected in his words, gestures, and actions when the couple is near each other. The care and care is still the same as when I first fell in love, always giving each other words of passionate love, having private moments of the couple. These are true love from a good husband, even if his wife changes over the years.
Regardless of the situation, a good husband will not think or adultery. You have the right to view email, Facebook, phone, he said what happened in the relationships of friends, colleagues, work of his agency. Your husband has nothing to hide you and is especially loyal to your marriage. His heterosexual friends will not be too much and will keep a distance, not letting you misunderstand.
Allow you to be yourself
Is a man who accepts your bad and flaws, allows you to be yourself enough to believe you are too good or not? Only true love man will do so, otherwise, he will definitely catch you either change, or leave you.
My parents are also my parents
The two were husband and wife, now there is no longer a distinction between my parents or my parents but only our parents. Whether he is a mother-in-law or a biological parent, he is always respectful and has a respectful attitude and treatment of equal interest. Maybe the couple in times of anger, frictions, but he doesn't pull your family out to criticize, he chooses to shut up and walk away until he's calm down to talk to you again. . He proactively arranges family meetings or reunion meals with both families on both sides to bond emotionally, creating conditions for you to visit.  
Always let your wife have his own time
If you want to go out with your friends, want to go to a new haircut, shop on weekends, or go to the movies, drink coffee alone, he's comfortable and doesn't mind. Because he knows sometimes you need a time for yourself.
A good husband is not at a high level but in simple things that are unexpected - 2
Share housework with your wife
Men do not distinguish their wives' jobs, do not hesitate to roll up sleeves to wash dishes, cook rice, sweep houses ... Women always love and cherish such husbands.
Many men were happy to be dads but all stopped there. If your husband wakes up early in the morning to help you take care of your child, midnight with you to feed him, coax him to sleep, change diapers for children ... All of these things prove he deserves to be a good husband.
Always encourage your wife 
Encouragement between husband and wife in the time of peaceful marriage is more meaningful than encouragement when difficult. Wives are encouraged by their husbands, encouraged even if nothing happens that makes them feel happier and more satisfied. A good husband always encourages his wife, because women have many emotions. A word of encouragement made her always feel peaceful, cared for, loved.
Make time for your wife to develop her career
Today, many people still think that women should focus on housework and family. However, the number of women who have just taken on the role of wife and mother has become more successful in their work. Wives supported by their husband's career development will be happier and more successful. In their eyes, when the husband is ready to "give way" to his wife, that is when he appreciates his wife's capacity, he is willing to share the housework, even he has freed his wife from thoughts. old. For women, it is sometimes necessary to become a good husband.